more than just pretty pictures.          

Nicholas Freeman is a native and veteran of the Los Angeles photography scene with over 10 years of experience. His work is easily recognized and sought out for its unique use of color and lighting to bring out a surreal dream-like quality in his subjects.

Nicholas is a self-taught artist, creating his own vision and career from the ground up. From a very early age Nicholas was engaged in the visual arts, but it wasn't until he got his first manual camera (at the age of 16) that he fell in love with photography and discovered his purpose and direction. Nicholas has continued to practice various arts, but the interpersonal connection created through photography has remained his primary creative form of expression.

In 2014 Nicholas crowdfunded and self-published his first monogram book PRIMAL, which at the time of completion was among Kickstarter's top 50 highest funded photography projects. PRIMAL went on to sell its entire run of 500 books as well as being exhibited in several festivals and galleries throughout California. 

Currently serving on the board of directors for the Los Angeles chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) as well as lecturing at local schools and teaching workshops, Nicholas continues to forge his own path and to share his experiences and knowledge to grow the rest of the photographic community.